Anna Collection


Prophetess of 1st century

Anna is an important figure in the Jesus story, appearing right after the Nativity narrative in Luke’s gospel. She is a prophetess who immediately identifies Jesus as the Messiah shortly after his birth when he was presented at the temple by Mary and Joseph. Not only does she identify Jesus as the long-awaited redeemer of Jerusalem, but she tells others about him and his redemptive power.

While the Samaritan woman at the well is often considered to be the first evangelist outside of the disciples, it can be argued that in fact Anna was the very first. It is notable that Anna was described as being married for seven years and a widow for 84, putting her age at over 100 years old. This makes her devotion and active discipleship even more compelling, and an example for believers that age is not a barrier to God’s calling on one’s life.